Fort Silvan 47, Attila Szoboszlai

About us

The Sălaj area has a long tradition of vineyards and wine, but the trends of climate evolution and the progress of viticulture and winemaking make the future for this vineyard very promising.
This was the reason why we decided to plant grapevines on the sunny slopes of Camar, a village at the foot of the Magura Simleului.
The grapevines are cultivated at the edge of the forest, where the area offers a panorama of the entire valley. The cellar, with a unique architecture, was built of stone and covered with earth. It has the shape of the letter "U", with two entrances - outlets, each side having 25 meters.
Cultivated area: a total 33.5 hectares, of which 27.5 planted in 2012 and 6 hectares planted in 2015.
Soils: forest brown, podzolic, acidic, clayey in substrates.
Exhibition of the plantation: southern
Grape varieties: Fetească Regală, Italian Riesling, Muscat Ottonel, Traminer, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Fetească Neagră, Cadarcă.

Fort Silvan 47

Wine Tasting

 We organize wine tastings for groups of at least 8 people.

    - 6 wines and scones - 40 lei / person
    - 6 wines and cold snacks - 60 lei / person
    - 6 wines and cooked dishes (cold snacks plus a hot meal) - 80 lei / person
    - Price discount on wine tasting for groups over 20 people

Fort Silvan 47



The geographical positioning along the 47 northern latitude parallel and the daring ambition to produce wines in a cool climate are the defining elements of the Fort Silvan project.
Fort Silvan thus represents the "fortress" that defends the northern limit of Romanian viticulture.
Our vineyards are grown in a cool climate at the northern limit of viticulture, beyond Parallel 47, where grapes reach maturity and accumulate flavors much slower.
The resulting wines are complex and balanced with high acidity and a pronounced mineral character. This makes them ideal for serving alongside the most varied dishes that emphasize their flavor.

Visit us

We organize for groups a wide range of programs such as:
- walking or carriage rides through the vineyard and the neighboring forest
- hunting

- fishing
- cycling (bicycles for rent)
- Barbecue in the vineyard
- traditional sausage
and more ...
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457060, Camăr, Sălaj, România